When I first stepped inside South Otago High School. My parents were extremely excited as they watched students running and chatting everywhere at interval time.  On the other hand, I felt the opposite of them. I said to myself, "this place is crazy and chaos". Then I stepped into the first classroom, M2. I started to learn not to judge too quickly. The classroom had changed my vibe entirely as I open the door.

I felt the warmth and comfort as if SOHS was my second home. People were so nice and open. They welcomed me with a smile on their faces. SOHS has also taught me that life is short and it’s important to do what makes me happy. In my first year, I was surprised that the students here only study five hours which is much less than my school in my country, Thailand. Trust me you don’t want to know how long I studied in class each day in Thailand. Students here are not only talented in education but outside the classroom too. They didn’t spend time studying for hours but they spend time exploring the outside world of South Otago.

Before I arrived, had never known my interest in cooking. Stepping into SOHS helped me discover that cooking is what makes me happy and what I love to do. I admit that I might not always be happy at SOHS as it has been a struggle for me to achieve my goals. Sometimes I'm sad and stress because they are obstacles along the paths to my goal, but no matter what feelings my SOHS teachers and friends will always be there for me. 

SOHS is not just a school for me but a family. My time at SOHS is the best time of my life. I've learned so much more than can be taught in the book. SOHS and the students will always be in my heart. Thank you for letting me in as a SOHS family member.