Donate to Kākāpо̄ recovery

Kākāpо̄s are the bridge to being extinct but you can prevent that by donating to the Kakapo recovery and saving the Kakapo population. There are currently a total of 252 kākāpōs in the world.

How does your Donation Help?

  • $ 25 buys a kākāpō a month of pellets.
  • $50 buys a disease screen test.
  • $100 buys materials for an artificial nest box.
  • $250 buys a radio tracking aerial.
  • $1,000 buys a portable incubator.
  • $1,600 buys a radio-telemetry receiver.

1. Deposit money directlyAccount name: Mauri Ora Kākāpō TrustAccount number: 02-0865-0091204-00Particulars: KākāpōCode: Your surname

2. Email to get your confirmation email and receiptEmail the Mauri Ora Kākāpō Trust to get a confirmation email and tax-deductible receipt. In your email include your: full nameemail, and postal address.Email: [email protected]