Summer School at Te Kura

Te Kura Summer School is an online learning programme that supports eligible students to gain extra NCEA credits.

This allows students to achieve their NCEA goals and progress to further study, training, or employment.

Achievement of NCEA standards is lower this year than past years, and the package of NCEA qualification related COVID-19 responses is less generous than in 2020 and 2021. This means it is possible that there will be a larger group of students needing to undertake a small number of standards to complete NCEA Level 1 or Level 2 before returning to school next year.

The dual-tuition Summer School gateway’s usual limit of 1000 students per year will be temporarily increased to 1500 students over the 2022/23 summer. Year 9 to 15 students will be able to enrol in this gateway for a maximum of 12 credits. The gateway only applies to students returning to school the following year.

There is also a Young Adult gateway that enables school leavers over the age of 16 to gain a few extra credits before moving on to tertiary study. There is no cap for this gateway.

Registrations opened on Monday 7 November. For more information, see Te Kura’s website:

Te Kura Summer School registrations – Te Kura

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