Big River Homes

The Big River homes course, where students build a house, has wrapped up for 2022.

This has been a highlight of school for the students involved and provided them with many new skills. The ability to work on a real building site has been eye opening and beneficial in many ways.

The first project of the year was to complete the new Big River homes offices. Following this the students then built the house that is pictured. The house will be sold to a customer, once fully completed, in Abbotsford Dunedin.

Congratulations to Logan Mosley, who has followed in the footsteps of Max Woodward and Ben Smart last year, by gaining an apprenticeship at Big River homes. A number of the other students have also gained apprenticeships and the rest are actively seeking employment.

A big thank you to Mark Van Asparen and Adam Turnball of Big River homes for making this possible. And to Otago Polytechnic, especially Jamie the tutor, for being our partners in providing an amazing opportunity for the students. 

Big River Homes   Icon Picture    Big River Homes 1

Big River Homes 3     Big River Homes 2