Learning Workbooks Notice to Parents

In English this year all Year 9 and 10 students are being issued a physical learning workbook. It is designed to cover all the key skills in English at each year level. The English department has covered the cost for each student to have one and they will be using them each week in class to support their learning.

The workbooks will stay in class unless a student will be absent for a period of time then we would like them to take them home (or arrange with their teacher to get the book to them at home). Having a physical book to work through removes barriers to learning at home when access to technology or the internet is limited.

We have invested in this resource to support the literacy skills we are focusing on developing in the junior school as part of a nationwide focus and a SOHS goal. With the incoming changes to NCEA Literacy requirements we are looking at all the ways we can reinforce the learning done in English, and across the wider school, to make sure our students are meeting the requirements for literacy. 

We do ask the students to care for these books with respect. If they were to damage them or lose them the student will be asked to cover the cost of replacement. 

Katherine Beaumont

HOD English