Year 13 Peer Support

On Monday our Year 13 leaders completed the second of their training days and spent time welcoming and supporting Year 9 students.

Our Year 13 leaders help our Year 9 students as they transition to high school. Some of the outcomes include helping students to feel valued in our school community,  developing relationship skills, self esteem and a sense of belonging.  Peer support sessions occur during most Wednesday mentoring times each week during term one and at other special times during the year. Sessions cover getting to know one another, finding out about people and places students can go for support, learning about our school values, understanding diversity, cooperation and communication skills as well as a cybersafety session. My thanks go to Mr Ensor, Mrs Penn, Mrs Bir, Mrs Hannah for their help with this valuable programme and we thank the leaders for their help and leadership with this programme. Mrs Cath Bloxham TIC Peer Support.


Students who completed training and received badges





Katy Gilder

Sarah Bloxham

Laila Asman

Emma Bennett

Lilly Gooch

Lilly Campbell

Charlotte Benington

Brayden Ferguson

Annie Lawrence

Mariska Capper

James Dobbie

Leone Geldenhuys

Alec Mills

Pagan Cross

Barinika Ketike

Kate Jackson

Luis Smales

Anna Llloyd

Cartina Latu

Aimee Johnson

Zara Lee Tuhura

Chloe Mckenzie

Georgia Milne

Nataleah Marshall

T J Valli

Edwin Mori Olivera

Ashton Navarosa

Altea Pagarigan

Jethro Ware

Olivia Soper

Ayman Shah

Devin Thomson

Breanna Uren

Ashley Wendelgest

Ryan Williams

Izzy Jenks


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