Careers Update

This week we had the Lincoln University and University of Otago liaisons in school.

They came to provide some insight into some of their amazing course options at their respective universities. It is great to be able to provide these informative opportunities for our students so they can be aware of their options and potential pathways going forward from South Otago High School. These liaisons are fantastic resources for our students to access as they will be available to provide one on one guidance for applications if students want to apply with their university. 

The University of Otago liaison provided some valuable insight into the importance of year 12 for those year 12s students who expressed an interest in tertiary study. It is an important year for these students as their work this year will be a large driver for their scholarship and hall of residence applications next year in year 13. 

For the year 13s he covered the huge range of learning and living options provided by University of Otago, but he also covered some important information that will be valuable for preparing any New Zealand tertiary study.

The Lincoln liaison provided some interesting information about their range of study options, one of the most unique aspects discussed was the paid placement work that is incorporated into many of their practical degrees - for example part of their viticulture (wine production) degree includes having responsibility for a section of wine grapes, creating you own wine then designing a label and bottling the wine. 


Ngā mihi,

Melissa Murdoch