English Department Week 11

Doesn’t the last week of term always feel so good! I really hope you’ve found some of these tips useful and are having conversations with your child about what they’re doing at school.

If you have any questions or feedback please do get in touch.

Literacy tip of the week: Enjoy some reading over the holidays

We all know reading is important but so many parents say they struggle to get their children to read (and often struggle themselves). One of the most powerful ways to get kids reading is to model it to them! So over the holidays set yourself a goal to read for a small amount of time, maybe each night or maybe a few times a week. See if your kids join you? They’ll certainly notice. As you read, if you find it tricky, see if you can identify WHY it’s hard. Maybe it's concentration? Are you getting distracted? Maybe it’s not that interesting - do you need a better book? Whatever that may be, see if you can think of a solution - your child might be feeling the same way and you could help them work through that together. 

Have a wonderful break! See you next term when we will be looking at some explicit writing strategies to continue to build on the wonderful work we’ve done so far this term. 

What I'm reading: My 'To Read' pile is ENDLESS and I am always in the middle of about 5 books. Lately I have been listening to most of my books through audiobooks I borrow from the library for free. I listen while out walking, doing the dishes or even lying with my 5 year old, waiting for him to drift off to sleep. I still consider it 'reading' as I'm consuming novels and enjoying the stories. At the moment I am listening to Taylor Jenkins Reid's Carrie Soto is Back. It's about a former tennis great coming out of retirement to try to regain a Slam title record. I have enjoyed all of Jenkins Reid's novels I have read and love that she creates characters which appear in multiple stories. She is creating her own little fictional universe. Another title of hers "Daisy Jones and the Six" has just been released as a TV show on Amazon Prime.

-Katherine Beaumont 

HOD English

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