Peer Support Easter

Peer Support: Student Support-Year 9 and Year 13 students. The peer support programme finished for the term on Wednesday with a visit from the Easter Bunny and a celebration of students who have shown our school values throughout the programme.

The Peer Support Programme allows Year 13  students a chance to take on a leadership role within the school.  Year 13 leaders meet once a week during term one with a group of Year 9 students. For the remainder of the year the Year 9 students are then able to connect and communicate with their leaders as a form of support in their first year of high school.  Year 13 students are role models for the junior students and are able to actively promote the school values of respect, perseverance and excellence. Students learned not only leadership skills but developed their ability to cooperate/collaborate and build their confidence, planning and organisational skills. Topics included connection and building relationships, where to seek help and support, cooperation and communications skills. Due to the strike day the session on cybersafety with Constable Rochelle Gordon was unable to take place, we are looking at rescheduling this in term 2. Our thanks go to all our Year 13 leaders for their support of this programme. 

Blaikie Leaders: T-Jae Valli, Katy Gilder, Lilly Gooch, Annie Lawrence, Alec Mills, Luis Smales, Zara Lee Tahura, Jethro Ware.

McDonald Leaders: Anna Lloyd, Sarah Bloxham, Lilly Campbell, Mariska Capper, Pagan Cross, Chloe Mckenzie, Edwin Mori Olivera, Olivia Soper, Breanna Uren.

Sutherland Leaders: Ashton Navarosa, Laila Asman, Charlotte Benington, James Dobbie, Baranike Ketike, Cartina Latu, Georgia Milne, Aymaan Shah, Ashley Wendelgelst, Ryan Williams, Izzy Jenks, Nick Roy.

Somerville: Aimee Johnson, Emma Bennett, Brayden Ferguson, Leone Geldenhuys, Kate Jackson, Nataleah Marshall, Altea Pagarigan, Devin Thomson.  

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Cath Bloxham TIC Peer Support

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