Week 2 from the English Department

In term one the literacy strategies of the week were around reading. This term our literacy strategies of the week will be focused on writing.

Often they go hand in hand and focusing on either is fantastic. Don’t stop referring back to the small tips from last term at any stage. Hopefully we all get a little something out of the writing tips this term to improve our writing across all subjects. 

Literacy strategy of the week: Small and often exposure to different writing. This one is exactly what it sounds like. While it is reading it will help our writing enormously. Exposing students to small bits of different styles of writing and topics is hugely valuable.

At home: Share little bits of what you are reading to your child. This will help reinforce the writing exposure they are getting at school and will continue to build their understanding of what writing is all about. The more we see the more we can emulate in our own work and the more awareness we have of different ways to communicate. 

Ms Beaumont - HOD English

What we’re reading: In the holidays Ms Penn finished ‘The Secrets of Strangers’ by Charity Norman. She’s originally from South Africa but now lives in New Zealand with her family. A real page turner! It’s about three hostages in a cafe in London. They get to know their captive as his story unfolds. It actually made me cry in the end. Been awhile since a book has done that. Charity Norman was mentioned by Ms Beaumont and Mrs Ward last term too - must be a favourite in the English department.