Wellbeing: Bullying Free NZ Week 15-19 May 2023

This nationwide focus on bullying prevention occurs next week with Pink Shirt Day on Friday 19th. We are encouraged to reinforce our value of respect in the school and wider community where we support one another against bullying.

Our Wellbeing student leader Lilly Campbell, along with the Student Council have been helping to promote Pink Shirt Day. In assemblies they spread the message of kindness/support for one another and we have put posters up around the school. Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two male students took a stand against bullying after another student was harassed and threatened for wearing pink. The boys bought dozens of pink shirts and distributed them throughout the school and hundreds of students showed up in pink the next day to support him. We ask students to wear an item of pink clothing next Friday, one or more to show their support and bring a gold coin on the day that will be collected in period one. Pink Shirt Day has spread all over the world to raise awareness of the impact bullying can have on people of all ages, genders and cultures. The day promotes the development of positive relationships and environments where everyone can feel safe. Next week's newsletter will have some photos of this day at school.

Bullying is defined based on four characteristics: 

● Bullying is deliberate (there is an intention to cause physical and/or psychological pain or discomfort to another person). 

● Bullying involves a power imbalance (there is an actual or perceived unequal relationship between the target and the initiator that may be based on physical size, age, gender, social status or digital capability and access). 

● Bullying has an element of repetition (not a one-off. It is repeated over time, with the threat of further incidents leading to fear and anxiety. Repeated acts of bullying may involve single acts with different targets, as well as multiple acts with the same target). 

● Bullying is harmful (There is a short or long term physical or psychological harm to the target). 

Bullying behaviour is influenced by the actions and values of peer groups, schools, families and whanau, communities and societies. A whole school and community approach is encouraged to positively influence student behaviour. We welcome ideas and input from members of our school community. We encourage students and parents/whanau to speak with us at school where there may be a concern so that we can help to resolve things and support you. We do take complaints seriously. Contact can be made with Mentors/Deans or Members of the Senior Leadership team and we will work with you to record any incidents, investigate and intervene where required to ensure that students feel safe. Our school policy may be found on our website. 

If you are concerned that your child may be being bullied please do get in touch with us at school. 

Deans contacts: 

Year 9 [email protected] 

Year 10 [email protected] 

Year 11 [email protected]

Year 12 [email protected]

Year 13 [email protected]

Cath Bloxham

Guidance Counsellor