2023 School Examination Timetable

You have a copy of the timetable for the 2023 senior practice examinations.

The exams start on Wednesday 6th September and finish on Tuesday 12 th September. There will be a normal school programme on Friday 8th September. Any catch up exams will be completed on Wednesday 13th September. These exams are important as the marks you gain could be used for your final grade. That means if you are sick or can't sit the final NZQA these results would help make up your derived grade. We have high expectations that students take these exams  seriously and work diligently towards them. 

Our exam week also includes workshops. These are an opportunity for students to complete work on their internal assessments. Teachers will inform students if they are to attend these workshops or not and it is an expectation that they do so. If there is a clash between a workshop and an examination students are to attend the examination.

If students have a clash, where they have more than one examination at a time or they miss an examination they will complete the examination at the next available time or make arrangements with me. I will discuss your request with your teachers before making a decision.

If a student does not have a worksop or an examination they are expected to be revising or completing internal assessments at home on study leave.

Exam information 

  •  All students meet in front of the main entrance to the school 15 minutes before the exam starts. A teacher  will call students into the Hall  Those students sitting exams digitalty will be also meet in front of the main office, their names read out and they will then go to S Block with a teacher
  • Students need to have their calculators, pens, pencils and other materials in a clear plastic bag.
  • No mobile or electronic devices are allowed into the Hall so students need to think about the devices they bring to school.
  • Students are to wear school uniform
  • All digital students must have their NZQA login account down. Please check with your teacher if you need to create the account.

Any questions please see Mr Douglas or email [email protected]