London International Youth Science Forum

At the start of term, Jethro and I attended the London International Youth Science Forum in London.

This was a 2 week long residential science programme, held predominately at Imperial College London, but also had visits throughout England and Wales. We were 2 of 3 South Island, and 15 New Zealanders in total of the approximately 500 participants.

We had lectures from leaders in their fields from across the world, such as Professor Ben Ferringa, 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Dame Sue Black Head of Forensics at Oxford University, and Professor Steve Cowley, Head of Princeton University’s Plasma Physics laboratory. 

While we also got to have specialist visits of our choosing throughout the UK. Personally, I had scientistic visits at the Cambridge Biomedical Research Institute, The School of Pharmacy and Brain Imaging in Wales, and the Great Britain Association of Anaesthetists. While Jethro had visits at the National Space Institute, Imperial College Department of Aerospace, and the Cambridge Scott Polar Institute. 

Aswell as this I got to present my research on Wetlands, Marshlands, and Swamps, at the Science Bazar, where I was able to talk to leaders in their fields, aswell as the delegates from all round the world. 

However, more than just the academic side of the event, we had plenty of opportunity to explore London, and meet everyone from all round the world, to make many connections and friendships. Which was the highlight for both Jethro and myself.

Overall it was an incredible opportunity, which allowed us to open our eyes to a whole plethora of different opportunities. Seeing how science can be applied to the real world, and where our future careers could take us. 

- Ryan

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