Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24 September

The week falls next week which is the last week of term.

The week is an important reminder that we all go through ups and downs in life and that’s okay. It’s good to remember that with the right tautoko/support people do recover. Wellbeing and supporting mental health is important for everyone. There are all sorts of ways to help us cope in difficult times, the mental health foundation’s five ways to wellbeing; being active, taking notice of the simple things, connecting, giving and keeping learning as well as te whare tapa wha offer some models of wellbeing, more information about both these models can be found on the mental health foundation website. Different things work for different people at different times. We can use next week as an opportunity to tune in to our mental health and wellbeing.

Contacts and resources

1. Mental Health Foundation website, huge range of resources, ideas and information

2. Thrive website - Wellbeing e coach tab

-Building Healthy sleep

-Gratitude for beginners

-Mindful Journaling and drawing

-Digital downtime

-Stress and Coping

-Confidence positive self talk

5 Ways to wellbeing, resources to take notice, be active, keep learning, give, connect.

4. Pause, breathe and smile, a host of resources here to support mental health on mindfulness, gratitude, breathing and kindness from mindfulness month.

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