Year 12 Leadership Training

On Wednesday 29th November current Year 12 students are expected to return to school (Library) from 10am-12 to learn about leadership opportunities in 2024 and an introduction to Peer Support.

Several staff will be involved with leading activities for the programme. Attendance at this training is compulsory for several of our leadership opportunities including being on the student council.

Peer Support is a leadership opportunity for students, and we strongly encourage Year 13 to participate. All students who attend the training work in groups with 2-3 leaders and they will meet once a week with 10-15 Year 9 students during term one to support them as they transition to high school. The Year 13 students are excellent role models for students and provide a valuable opportunity to support our school values of Respect, Perseverance and Excellence. Students learn not only leadership skills but develop their ability to cooperate/collaborate and build their confidence, planning and organisational skills. We look forward to working with Year 12 as they move into Year 13 and the many leadership opportunities available to them.

The Peer Support training day for 2024 is Monday 29th January 

Cath Bloxham

Teacher in Charge of Peer Support