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Peer Support continued this week (mentor time on Wednesday). This is a time where our Year 13 leaders spend time with our Year 9 students as they get to know high school.

This week's session was designed to have the key message:

Everyone is different. We can learn more about one another and share knowledge.
Each of us is a valued member of the group.
We need group rules to work together.

A short profile of two of our Year 13 leaders this week

Tipene Wereta McDiamid- Tipene is studying History, Physical Education, Physics and Maths. He participates in kapahaka, rugby and basketball. Tipene  enjoys peer support as it gives him time to share activities and his knowledge with the year 9 students.

Leah Stephens- Leah is studying Hospitality, English, Maths and Geography. She plays netball and rugby. Leah enjoys peer support as it gives her time to help the junior students get to know each other and their way around as they settle into high school. 

The following is the full list of our Year 13 leaders, we are grateful for the leadership and help with this programme.

Zara Milne, Sam Affleck, Tipene Wereta McDiamid, Blake Evans, Ashlee Anderson Jessie O'Hara Maddie Bielski, Paige King, Will Clark, Zara Upston, Archie Smith, Bella Brown, Sydney Marshall, Leticia Cochrane, JP Human, Zoe Hyslop, Alex Anderson, Shelley Lambert, Hadley Lowry, Ashlyn Cloete, Gemma McAtamney, Ben Judson, Emily Smith, Harry McHaffie, Jack Newport, Madi Findlay, Taelah Dawson, James Michie, Matthew Phillips, Oliver Shore, Kayley Strachan, Greta Luke, Claudia Mardon, Leah Stephens

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