Week Seven English Department

Week Seven Literacy Tip: Meet them where they are at…

Reading research shows that teenagers are more likely to read a book if it’s something they’ve picked themselves. The National Library lists that 12 to 17-year-olds want to read books that (in order of priority):

  • will make them laugh (54%)
  • let them use their imagination (47%)
  • have a mystery or problem to solve (42%)
  • have characters they wish they could be like (38%)
  • tell a made-up story (fiction) (36%)
  • teach them something new (35%)
  • let them forget about real life for a while (35%)
  • tell a true story (non-fiction) (32%)
  • are a little scary (28%)
  • are about things they experience in their life (24%)
  • have characters who are in love (18%)
  • have a character that looks like them (14%).

So how do they/we help them FIND those books? Hello, #booktok! BookTok came into existence when TikTok and the world of books collided. It refers to a community of readers and authors passionate about literature and books, which typically interacts with the use of the hashtag. The readers on BookTok recommend, review, and discuss books by making engaging videos about them.

So, I encourage you to encourage them to go online and FIND others who are recommending good reads! And speaking of Good reads, goodreads.com is another great place to keep a record of what you’re reading but also, when you finish a book it will make suggestions of books people who have read that book also enjoyed. There is a wealth of information out there to help your students’ on the way back to loving reading! 

What we’re reading: Mr Kay has three to recommend! Voices From The Second World War - He enjoyed the stories and the way younger people interviewed and related the stories of those who were part of the war. Surrender by Bono which was a good honest read from the front man Bono of U2. From childhood all the way through his rise to fame and is worth a read if U2 interests you. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off  by actor and writer Michael Caine. I have read other books about  MC and this must be one of the best, amusing and honest. He looks back at his career and people he admired and had given advice. One of the greatest actors living.


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