Week Nine - Literacy Tip: Keep on talking!

Over the past few weeks I have had tips for connecting and talking with your child to help you stay involved with them and their learning.

I had an interesting conversation at conferences which reminded me how important this is. I then had an email pop up in my inbox with; ‘50 ways to connect with your teen or tween’ which I thought I would share. How is this a literacy tip you might ask? I would argue anything that helps you connect with your child will help you be more involved with how they feel about themselves and life, which will have a positive impact on their learning in the classroom. 

Here are the tips:

  • Chat in the car (lack of direct eye contact helps)
  • Go for hikes together
  • Watch their favourite sports game together
  • Walk a dog together
  • Sit outside in the backyard chatting
  • Shop for groceries together for a special meal
  • Do nightly check ins as part of a routine
  • Go on ‘twalks’ = walk + talk
  • Play some of their favourite games together
  • Take them out for lunch
  • Listen to them talk about their favourite thing
  • Ask them to teach you how to play their favourite game
  • Listen to music together
  • Play board/card games
  • Have a ‘coffee date’ before or after an extracurricular activity
  • Journal together as part of a night time routine
  • On car rides, take turns DJ’ing and talk about music
  • Look at family photos and videos together
  • Play squash, frisbee or bowling together
  • Go to a bookstore and grab a hot drink together after
  • Colour together while listening to music
  • Create a tradition, make tea and talk about the week
  • Stop, drop and do a dance party
  • Watch funny animal videos together
  • Do a paint night at home
  • Do puzzles together
  • Cook or bake together
  • Watch their favourite sports game together
  • Set up a fire pit with marshmallows and talk
  • Go bike riding or skating
  • Go to a concert or festival together
  • Drive to a special place to do stargazing
  • Sign up for a physical activity together
  • Do family movie nights
  • Watch their favourite YouTuber together
  • Visit antique shops or flea markets together
  • Send each other funny memes
  • Create a TikTok video together
  • Go to the movies together
  • Have a writing date at a cafe
  • Play chess at the kitchen table
  • Go shopping for clothes together
  • Make a music playlist together
  • Write out family goals on a big poster
  • Run errands together
  • Start a bookclub and invite friends
  • Take golf lessons together
  • Create a weekend breakfast tradition
  • Learn card tricks together
  • Find weird facts about the world to teach each other

What we’re reading: Mrs Murdoch thoroughly enjoyed The Midnight Library - Matt Haig. I Love love LOVED this book, great premise, thoughtfully done and immediately immersive. It was very thought provoking and a wonderful reading experience.


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