PB4L Badges

Positive Behaviour For Learning underpins teaching practice at SOHS.

Many students over the last few years have had their ability to meet our schools expectations of respect, excellence and perseverance acknowledged with our PB4L badges. The Y9s have made a great start this year with the following students receiving their bronze badges in one or more value:

YEAR 9 PB4L badges - BRONZE 


Bennett, Isabella-E
Summah Gouman-E
Elsie Barrie-E
Kelsi Hamilton-E
Aida Begg-E
Liam Huddleston-R+E
Emily Budge-E
Sophie Jack-E+P
Nyah Cabangon-E+P
Waniya Khan-E
Chase Cambridge-E
Alex Marsh-R+E
Brayden Carr-R
Joshua Maze_E
Toby Deverson-E
Kit McKinny-E
Slade Dunn-E
Tayla Smith-E
Annabelle Foley-E
Jeffery Sonio-E