Loves Me Not Year 12

During the nationwide anti- bullying week one of the activities we have planned next week is the 'Loves Me Not' programme.

Police officers from Dunedin and Balclutha present the programme over a full day. at school They work alongside senior school staff. Students learn about healthy relationships and the sometimes difficult subject of relationship abuse and consent. Parents can find more information by following the link to hear Nigel Latta, students and other professionals  talk about the programme. You are welcome to contact me at school if they would like to discuss anything further. All Year 12 students have completed the programme over a number of years now and feedback from parents/caregivers and students about the value they find in the school running this programme has been excellent.

Click here to see the Youtube Video

Yours sincerely,  

Cath Bloxham
Guidance Counsellor