Principal Wright with the 2020 Head Girl/Boy, Deputy Head Girl/Boy

Blaikie, McDonald, Somerville and Sutherland are the four houses at South Otago High School.

Their names come from four of the original teachers of our students when the school was first established in 1926.

  • Miss G Blaikie
  • Mr T McDonald
  • Miss A Somerville
  • Miss I Sutherland

Each House is divided into vertically arranged into sub-groups who meet three times a week with their mentor teacher. The system also provides our senior students with leadership opportunities, as each sub-group has a student leader who works with the mentor teacher to provide support for the students in their group.

Our house system is a vibrant part of our school culture. It gives our students a sense of belonging and provides an opportunity for social interactions and friendly competition amongst the students.

Houses compete in sports, cultural activities and lunchtime student council lead activities. Points are awarded and the coveted house group shield is presented to the winning house at our final school prize giving.