The higher a student’s rate of attendance the more likely they are to succeed. Therefore, attendance is one of the areas where we expect students to aim for our school value of Excellence.

At South Otago High School we believe that all students should have a minimum attendance rate of over 90% in order that they can be successful in their studies. We ask that families inform school early if students are going to be absent for a day.

Parents can call the school and select the absence line to record a message. The message should include:

  • The students' name
  • The date that they will be absent
  • A clear reason/explanation for the absence eg, Unwell at home with chest infection OR Unwell and been to doctor, a medical certificate will be brought to school

If a student does not appear at school and we have had no explanation a text will be sent during the morning asking for an explanation. This is also to protect student safety in cases where the student may have left for school but not arrived.

The school does record student attendance each lesson. Where we have concerns for a student who has gone missing we may contact the parent by phone, text or e-mail.

It is important that school has the correct and up to date address, phone number, e-mail and cell phone contact information. This can be checked at the school office.

If a family is going to be away for an extended period of time, eg Tangi, family holiday etc they should contact the school as soon as possible. For family holidays, the Ministry of Education requires parents contact the principal requesting permission to take their child out of school. Where possible and appropriate, teachers will provide work for students so that they can continue with their studies and not fall behind.