South Otago High School provides many opportunities for students, some of which are part of the curriculum and some which are extra curricular. 

South Otago High School does rely upon parental donations in order to provide these curriculum based opportunities for students. For each activity the teacher will provide details of the activity, the dates, travel and accommodation information as appropriate. The information will also include details of the suggested donation for the activity.

As regards extra curricular trips and activities these are a user pays basis. We encourage all students to participate in at least one sport or cultural activity. Wherever possible we work to remove financial barriers to student participation. We encourage families to talk to the school early to manage these financial arrangements.

For parents to spread the cost of any payments we do encourage families to consider setting up automatic payments for both fees and donations. Receipts for tax refunds on donations are available upon request from the school office.

The Board of Trustees of South Otago High School has over a number of years invested in students’ education and opportunities. As a result of the careful financial management, the Board is able to provide both support for students as well as have a cycle of replacement and renewal of resources and equipment. A walk through the school will show that buildings and facilities are well maintained and the school has excellent modern equipped learning spaces.

The Board of Trustees is also supported by an able Parent Teacher Association which supports activities like the Senior Ball and secondhand uniform sales and provides financial support back to the school.