Mr Scarth leads curriculum.

At South Otago High School we have a unique timetable that allows us to cater for a variety of needs.

Students in Year 11 to Year 13 have the opportunity to engage in enrichment and extension activities on a Friday. If students choose to be based at school the day consists of two ninety minute lessons. In these time slots students are able to explore learning in a way that is meaningful and engaging for them. We have a range of options that include extension classes in academic subjects, additional time for Art and Building projects or the opportunity to try something new such as Outdoor in Year 11. Students also get the chance to learn ‘life skills’ such as automotive skills and basic budgeting.

On Fridays students have the opportunity to choose polytechnic courses, gateway placements and work experience. These provide a fabulous transition from school and give authentic learning opportunities. 

Student and their families are actively involved in ensuring the day is meaningful and works towards the students individual pathway once they leave school. This includes reviewing each students Friday options with their mentor at the end of each term.