Mr Scarth leads curriculum.

The aim at South Otago High School is to provide senior students with a wide variety of choices whilst catering for individualised needs.

Students in Year 11 to Year 13 are offered a choice of 5 NCEA subjects. Each subject offers approximately 20 credits. The school has a comprehensive mentoring and careers guidance system that allows students to make informed choices at each level of NCEA to best suit their individual needs. The option booklets are available via the links below.

Mentors are able to track the progress of individual students using our unique South Otago Academic Programme (SOAP). The data for this is based on a standardised test run out of the University of Canterbury. It allows us to gauge the potential of each student in each subject and track if a student is working to their individual potential. This works alongside mentoring to provide a framework to support and encourage students to be the best they can be.

SOHS Course Information Booklet Level 1 2024

SOHS Course Information Booklet Level 2 & 3 Part 1 2024

SOHS Course Information Booklet Level 2 & 3 Part 2 2024